Anti - Raging Committee 2016-17


president Prin. V. S. Shirasth ( - 8055655805)
sub inspector Hon. Mr. Andhale saheb
LMC member Ranwad Hon. Mr.Murliaba Wagh
LMC member Ugaon Hon. Mr.Ramnath Pangavane
LMC member Palkhed Hon. Mr. Rambhau patil
LMC member Khede Hon. Mr. Raghunath Kolhe
LMC member Savargaon Hon. Mr. Babaji Vishwanath Kushare
LMC Member Kumbhari Hon.Mr. Balasaheb Yashwant Ghangale
LMC Member Vansgaon Hon. Mr. Ramchandra Kedu Shinde
Member Prof. Mr. Pawar M. S. ( - 9766842553)

For the prohibition of ranging and to know the student about one day workshop is arranged lawyer and police sub-inspector was present to deliver the lecture. Counselling of senior student is done under this progamme. Also the orientation course is held so those students are getting aware about the punishment of ranging. Board about ranging prohibition act is displayed at the entrance of the college.


Anti-Raging Committee Anti-Raging Committee Anti-Raging Committee