Women Grievance Cell 2016-17

Prof. Shirsath V. S.         (vsshirsath@kkwagh.edu.in - 8055655805)

(Committee Members)
Prof. Patekar A. N. (anpatekar@kkwagh.edu.in - 7588016559)
Dr. Sawant S. G. (sgsawant@kkwagh.edu.in - 9673090296)
Prof. Rayate M. M. (mmrayate@kkwagh.edu.in - 9881712275)
Prof. Jagtap S. S. (ss.jagtap@kkwagh.edu.in - 9404687992)
Prof. Choudhari R. B. (rbchoudhari@kkwagh.edu.in - 7057354961)

In this committee complaints are taken from the girl students which are solved effectively by the member of this committee