1) Students are requested to behave politely & at the library counter.
 2) Two copies of passport size photographs are necessary for obtaining identity card & Reader’s ticket.
3) Every student has to submit Readers ticker while borrowing a book.
4) Only one book will be issued at a time.
5) Students are
6) Book should be handled with care.
7) If it is found that the student has tried to tear the pages of the books, the student Concern will have to pay the cost of that book.
8) Books should be returned within week’s time failing which a fine of Rs.1/- per day Will be imposed
9) Queue should be observed while collecting & depositing the books.
10) If borrowers tickets is lost & it anybody avails the facilitates the responsibility of such Books rest with the concerned student.
11) Lost or damaged ticket may be replaced with the permission from the principal on Payment of Rs 25/-.
12) Library will remain closed on Sunday & holidays. Students are requested to co-operate with the librarian & their staff for smooth Functioning of the library.
13) Membership Card or Identity Card is non-transferable.
14) Every student must always carry his or her Identity Card and produce whenever during every transaction.
15) Tf the Identity Card is lost by a member, A duplicate Identity Card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-
16) Users should sign in the Visitor's Register kept at the entrance before entering the library.
17) Books will be circulated during 10.00 a.m. To 05.00 p.m. on all working days.
18) All books,perodicals,CD's are not permitted to take outside the library.
19) Do not mark or fold the pages of the books.
20) No part of library reading material shall be photocopied without permission of the Librarian.
21) All Library books shall be returned before last date of examination.
22) Mobiles,Mobiles with camera,Handicams, camera are not allowed in the Library.
23) Spliting and smoking in any part of Library is strickly prohibited.
24) Any misuse of Library previlege would be considered as serious breach of dscipline and the Librarian is empowered to take action against the offenders.
25) Strict silence shall be observed in the Library reading room.
26) Files,Umbrellas,boxes and such other personal belongings shall be kept at Property-counter.
27) Eatables are not allowed in the Library.